Tech rider


LOAD IN​​: We will need a minimum of 4 able-bodied, sober, shoe-wearing individuals to help load in AND load out our equipment. Any persons showing signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be released at the Production Manager’s discretion and venue’s expense of replacement. We travel with 2 full drum sets that have 2 individual 8’x8’ risers that are quite heavy. Please consider this when picking your loaders for the day.
FOH SPECIFICATIONS​​: House sound and lights will be acceptable in most venues that put on “Rock N’ Roll” shows on a daily basis. For hired PA systems, we require a professional system capable of a minimum 100db, A-weighted from 20-16k. Professional, touring-quality systems only (if your boxes have carpet on them, they’re probably not acceptable). Preferred systems include JBL Vertec, d&b Qseries and up, Adamson, Nexo, L’Acoustics and the like. While we are NOT an electronic act, please make sure there are ample subwoofers for your venue. FOH position to be placed as close to center of venue as feasible, and not under a balcony.
MONITOR REQUIREMENTS​​: A professional quality mixing console with a minimum of 8 mixes and 32 WORKING channels. Bonus points for not having Peavey, Behringer (except X32), Tapco, or Mackie. Preferred consoles are Midas, Yamaha, and Digico. We carry our own in-ear package and typically require no onstage wedges. However, on some dates, we may have a sit-in and will require 1 (one) wedge for this person. Please have on-hand a person knowledgeable of your system to assist with setup and tie-in to your PA. We are not here to try and break your night and will do everything possible to make our joint venture as profitable as possible for everyone involved.
LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS​​: 64k par rig or equivalent. Strong par wash with additional fixtures for “specials” for each member of the band. Gels should be fresh and appropriate to the show. No need to call specific gel colors, but primaries are great! No pastels please. Maybe throw in a good congo wash if possible during prehang. Speaking of prehang, I’m sure the house hang will be fine. Movers are NOT a necessity, but if you have them, we will probably use them. Please provide a competent lighting person to assist on patching and focusing fixtures for your venue.

If you have any questions please contact David Krol. ​MAK Productions Phone: (704) 755-8037

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