Hospitality rider


We are 5 members in the band and travel with 4-5 crew members. Please make sure that any catering in the deal accounts for 12 people to be able to eat a full meal.
LUNCH​​: An assortment of sandwich meats and condiments. We like to think that tofu is not a meat. If there is a favorite deli or restaurant close to your venue, please feel free to have them cater the show. All of our crew and band are carnivores, and like to try new places. The worst thing that can happen is we eat less and don’t care for it (this is unlikely). Please provide enough water for the day. Two 24-pack cases of regular ol’ H2O will suffice.
DINNER​​: Something NOT sandwiches. Again, if there’s a cool joint around your venue, we would love to hear about it. If you think we would do better to go to that place ourselves, a dinner buyout of $25 per person is recommended.
LIQUOR​​: As much as we’d love to ask for a bunch of free liquor every night, we won’t. We are here to give you the best show for your venue’s money, and part of that dedication to professionalism includes being sober when we hit the stage. Maybe we can share a drink with you and your crew AFTER load out!
OTHER REFRESHMENTS​​: A case of Coke and diet Coke would be greatly appreciated as well as some assorted fruit juices. The juices would be great, as we do have one (1) diabetic on staff (we’ll let you guess who it is!).
AFTER SHOW AND SNACKAGE​​: An assortment of snack foods, such as crackers and cheese, fresh fruit and such should be around for grazing by the crew throughout the day and after the show. Please don’t empty out the fridge during the show so some people can grab a drink or snack afterwards. Thanks!

If you have any questions please contact David Krol. ​MAK Productions Phone: 704.333.2100

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